Join our movement to create the Internet's first community for AI artists. Use this page to submit your AI generated images, and learn more about the types of content we accept and feature on Cosmic Basin.

If your image is accepted, we will publish your image along with a link to a website or profile of your choice.

We're working on moving submissions inline, but for now we are accepting submissions through the TypeForm. If the embedded version below does not work, you can access the form directly here. If you have any questions, please feel free to connect with us on Twitter: @cosmicbasin.


  • Images should be high quality: at least one dimension over 2000px.
  • Images are clear and original.
  • Only select images you own the rights to.
  • Images are created with some type of AI generation.
  • Zero tolerance for nudity, violence or hate.
  • Please respect the intellectual property of others.
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